I'm a number theorist, interested especially in the theory of modular forms. More precisely, I'm working on the theory of Eisenstein ideals using various approaches (Modular symbols, deformations of Galois representations...).


On a conjecture of H. Gupta (With David Zmiaikou, Discrete mathematics, Volume 312, Issue 8, 28 April 2012, Pages 1444–1452)

On the \(p\)-adic periods of the modular curve \(X(\Gamma_0(p) \cap \Gamma(2))\) (With Adel Betina, to appear in Trans. of AMS)

Congruence formulae for Legendre modular polynomials (With Adel Betina, To appear in Journal of Number Theory)

On the Galois structure of the class group of certain Kummer extensions (To appear in Journal of LMS)


Higher Eisenstein elements, higher Eichler formulas and rank of Hecke algebras (Preprint, last version: 4th June 2018)