Papers :

  1. Minimal Bubbling for Willmore Surfaces, arXiv1906.00248, PDF, preprint,
  2. An ε-regularity result with mean curvature control for Willmore immersions and application to minimal bubbling, arXiv1904.015215, PDF, preprint,
  3. Conformal Gauss Map Geometry and Application to Willmore Surfaces in Model Spaces, arXiv1903.07475, PDF, preprint,

Conferences :

  1. Variational Problems and the Geometry of Submanifolds, CIRM, Luminy, May 2019
  2.  Three days’workshop in mathematical general relativity, UMPA, Lyon, April 2019
  3. Workshop in Geometric Analysis Institut Henri Poincaré, IHP, Paris, December 2018
  4. Oberwolfach Seminar: Spectral Estimates on Noncompact Manifolds and Applications to Geometry, Oberwolfach, May 2018
  5. Nonlinear Analysis in Rome, NDU, Rome, June 2017