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Cours de M2 : Théorie des modèles des groupes affines (printemps 2017 et printemps 2018) ; un jour j'en ferai un truc bien.

Classes taught at Rutgers University

  • Rutgers Math 300: Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (Fall 2007, Fall 2008)
  • Rutgers Math 461: Mathematical Logic (Spring 2009). There was a toolbox.
  • Rutgers Math 561: Mathematical Logic (Graduate; Spring 2008). Notes typed by Jay Williams.

Modnet Tutorials

Modnet 2007 summer school in Camerino

Tutorial on groups in model theory|Solutions
The lectures were given by Andreas Baudisch, whose lecture notes can be found on his webpage or here.

Modnet 2008 summer school in Manchester

Tutorial on groups of finite Morley rank
The lectures were given by Jeffrey Burdges, mostly following the book Groups of finite Morley rank by Alexandre Borovik and Ali Nesin (Oxford University Press, 1994; ISBN 0-19-853445-0).

Şirince (Nesin Matematik Köyü)

Bogotá, Universidad de los Andes

One may start with the second set of notes.


Moscow Higher School of Economics, June 2013

Model Theory of Algebraically Closed Fields

Napoli 2, Maggio 2014: Rappresentazioni dei gruppi finiti

Abbiamo seguito l'inizio di questi appunti di corso del Pr. Gaiffi (anche qui).

Models and Groups 6, March 2016

Conference at Istanbul Centre for Mathematical Sciences: 3 lectures on Group Representations of Finite Morley Rank. Notes here, but I recommend the much more complete first Bogotá notes above.

Stellenbosch, November 2017

I recommend the second Bogotá notes above.

AIMS-Sénégal, November-December 2017: Ordinary differential equations