Current research

Transfer operators and horocycle averages on closed manifolds (supervised by Viviane Baladi).

Next talk

  • When: December 10 2018 at 14:00.
  • Where: Hallway 15-25, Room 502, Campus Jussieu, Paris, France.
  • What: Defense of my thesis "Transfer operators and horocycle averages on closed manifolds".


  • Generic non-trivial resonances for Anosov diffeomorphisms, Nonlinearity 30.3 (2017), p.1146, (arXiv, revisioned)
  • A transfer-operator-based relation between Laplace eigenfunctions and zeros of Selberg zeta functions (with Anke Pohl) (to appear in ETDS)


  • Horocycle averages on closed manifolds and transfer operators, arXiv (2018), revisioned (Nov 29 2018, changes)
  • Zero is a resonance of every Schottky surface (with Anke Pohl and Alexander Weiße), arXiv (2018)

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