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Decentral Backup Tool

How it works

The Decentral Backup Tool uses Microsoft's Robocopy at its core. The backup tool copies only entire folders. To save a particular file there has to exist a parent folder containing it. However information can be provided to exclude subfolders and files during the copy process. Only newer folders and files are copied during the save or restore process. This decision depends on the implementation of Robocopy but should be determined by the data provided by the filesystem.

Current version

The current version is DBT20170818.

How to use it

The file location of the batch files is considered to be the root of the backup. To run a backup start "save.bat". It reads the source and destination locations from the "default.txt". Each line in this file has one of the formats:
where [Source] is the absolute path to a folder to be saved and [Destination] the relative path of the backup with respect to the root of the backup. Then [Folders] is the folder list to be excluded where the folder names are separated by '?', e.g. Downloads?My Music and [Files] is the file list to be excluded where the file names are separated by '?', e.g. secrets.txt?bigfile.dat

Current drawbacks

The backup procedure works at the moment acummulative. This means if a folder or a file was removed in [Source] after a backup it will not be removed in [Destination] during the next backup process. This implies on the other hand that it is very safe to use this tool since no file is deleted during the backup process. Since the copy process uses the underlying data provided by the filesystem a change of system time may corrupt the save or restsore process. It is therefore necessary to be aware of timeshifts (e.g. during a travel, daylight saving time).


Version history

DBT20170818 DBT20170428