Research interests

My main mathematical research topics are:

  • Representations of surface or 3-variety groups.
  • Geometry and dynamics of p-adic linear groups and their actions.
  • Discrete subgroups of Lie groups and p-adic groups.
  • Rigidity of invariant measures on homogeneous varieties.

But I also worked or am working on:

  • Formal computations (Sage, Maple, Snappy) to study the character varieties.
  • Statistical tools for textometry, especially regarding Mussolini's Opera Omnia.
  • Basic statistics applied to the study of the genetic code and the protein folding.


Articles, preprints

Lecture notes (in French)

<h2>Unpublished notes</h2>

  • Note on a theorem of Bonatti and Gomez-Mont. Version pdf.
  • Trirapport et géométrie des espaces symétriques. Version pdf (in French).

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