Shock waves and beyond     Institut Henri Poincaré    23-26 June 2015          program, titles and abstracts in pdf
a conference funded by the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris


Sylvie Benzoni  (Lyon)                  Lydia Bieri  (Michigan)               Alberto Bressan  (Penn State)
Laura Caravenna  (Padova)           Gianluca Crippa  (Basel)              Anne-Laure Dalibard  (Paris 6)
Heinrich Freistühler (Konstanz)    Pierre Germain  (NYU)                David Lannes  (Bordeaux) 
Gregory Lyng  (Wyoming)            Guy Métivier  (Bordeaux)            Roberto Natalini  (Roma) 
Toan Nguyen  (Penn State)            Luis-Miguel Rodrigues  (Lyon)    Frédéric Rousset  (Paris 11) 
Denis Serre  (ENS Lyon)               Franck Sueur  (Bordeaux)            László Székelyhidi Jr.  (Leipzig) 
Julien Vovelle  (Lyon)                   Mark Williams  (Chapel Hill) 

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Scientific committee:
Peter Howard, Pascal Noble, Jeffrey Rauch, Benjamin Texier, Kevin Zumbrun

Organization committee:
Benjamin Texier, Kevin Zumbrun

with precious help from Alice Jacquet, Kevin Ledocq, Gaël Octavia, and Dominique Wetzel

If you plan to attend, please register by sending an email to  

This is important in particular for coffee breaks to be appropriately dimensioned.
Practical information

Travel and hotel information are found on the IHP web site.

There will be a reception on Thursday 25 June
from 7pm to 10pm on the top floor of the Jussieu tower.





Titles and abstracts

Guy Métivier:   New counterexamples to well-posedness for hyperbolic systems        
Tuesday 9am

abstract Guy Métivier

Anne-Laure Dalibard:
  Stability of stationary solutions of scalar conservation laws with space-periodic flux        Tuesday 10am

abstract Anne-Laure Dalibard

David Lannes:  Water waves with vorticity and asymptotic models        Tuesday 11:30am

abstract David Lannes

Luis-Miguel Rodrigues:   Stability of periodic waves : from the spectrum to the dynamics       Tuesday 2pm

abstract Luis-Miguel Rodrigues

László Székelyhidi:    
Recent progress towards Onsager's conjecture       Tuesday 4:30pm

abstract László Székelyhidi

Sylvie Benzoni:    
From undercompressive shocks to periodic waves     Wednesday 9am

abstract Sylvie Benzoni

 Lydia Bieri:    Einstein equations coupled to a null fluid        Wednesday 10am

abstract Lydia Bieri

Frédéric Rousset:   Quasineutral limit for Vlasov-Poisson systems    Wednesday 11:30am

abstract Frédéric Rousset

Gregory Lyng
:   Viscous hyperstabilization of detonation waves         Wednesday 2pm

abstract Gregory Lyng

Heinrich Freistühler: Two instances of purely imaginary zeros of the Lopatinski determinant for shock waves     Wednesday 4:30pm

abstract Heinrich Freistühler

Roberto Natalini:    Hyperbolic models of chemotaxis on networks         Thursday 9am

abstract Roberto Natalini

Franck Sueur:  Motion of small solids in an incompressible fluid       Thursday 10am

abstract Franck Sueur

Laura Caravenna:     A counter-example concerning regularity properties for systems of conservation laws     Thursday 11:30am

abstract Laura Caravenna

Toan Nguyen:    Invalidity of the classical limit and quasineutral limit for Vlasov-Maxwell systems     Thursday 2pm

abstract Toan Nguyen

 Mark Williams:
  Turning points at infinity and stability of detonations           Thursday 4:30pm

abstract Mark Wiliams

Denis Serre:   Expansion of an isentropic gas surrounded by vacuum               Friday 9am

 abstract Denis Serre

Gianluca Crippa:   ODEs with weakly regular velocity fields and applications to the Euler and Vlasov-Poisson equations    Friday 10am

abstract Gianluca Crippa

Pierre Germain:   Stability of the Couette flow in dimension 3        Friday 11:30am

abstract Pierre Germain

Julien Vovelle:   Scalar first-order conservations laws and isentropic Euler system with stochastic forcing      Friday 2pm

abstract Julien Vovelle

 Alberto Bressan:
  A Lipschitz metric for the flow of a nonlinear wave equation           Friday 4:30pm
 abstract Alberto Bressan