Preprints and other texts of Bernard Teissier

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  4. B. Teissier, Contribution to the round table on research organised in Granada by the Real Sociedad Matemática Española.

  5. Joan Elias, Rui Loja Fernandez, Timothy Gowers, Pierangelo Marcati, Tomaz Pisanski, and B. Teissier, A basis for discussion on a position of the EMS on Open Access, prepared by the Publications Committee of the EMS.

  6. B. Teissier, A viewpoint on resolution of singularities Workshop on Singularities in geometry, topology, foliations and dynamics, In honor of Pepe Seade's 60th Birthday, UADY, Mérida, Mexico 18 December 2014. (Beamer). For the video, see here

  7. B. Teissier, A charter for sustainable journal publishing Workshop on Mathematics Journals, MSRI, Berkeley February 14-16, 2011.

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  9. B. Teissier, Geometric aspects of valuation theory Lectures at GAEL XIII, Notes by Jimmy Dillies.

  10. P. Galison and B. Teissier, Teissier interviewed by Galison Thales and Friends, Delphi meeting, to be made available by Princeton University Press as a complement to "Circles disturbed", see the list of publications.

  11. B. Teissier, Comment la Science se construit-elle? Exposé à l'Institut Franco-Japonais du Kansai, Novembre 2008. (Not submitted)

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  13. B. Teissier, Le moulin d'Hamlet, un mythe d'origine des Sciences. Centro Enriques, Livourne, December 2007. (Not submitted, but a version appeared in Images des Mathématiques; see here)

  14. B. Teissier, La grippe de Shanghai

  15. B. Teissier, Continued fractions. Lecture at the August 1993 JAMS Seminar at Yamaguchi.