International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP, Trieste, Italy),


January 2006

The school is addressed to graduate students in mathematics and physics and young researchers interested in learning the fundamental aspects of the field. The school will consists of 11 courses during the two weeks from 9 to 22 January. For the Conference, to be held from 23 to 27 January, we expect additionally the participation of 40 experts on the topic.

Topics for the school and conference include: quiver and their representations, structure of algebras and their module categories, finite, tame and wild representation types, tilting theory, derived and triangulated categories, module varieties and associated geometric invariants, deformation theory of algebraic structures, Hochschild, simplicial and cyclic cohomologies of algebras, quasi-hereditary algebras and cellular algebras, Hall algebras and the relation with Lie theory.

The Organizing Committee is formed by: José A. de la Peña (México), Helmut Lenzing (Paderborn), Bernhard Keller (Paris) and Andrzej Skowronski (Torun).

The courses of the School will be the following:

1. Quiver algebras and their representations: Michael Barot.
2. Auslander-Reiten theory: Lidia Angeleri-Hügel
3. Gabriel-Roiter measure: Henning Krause.
4. Integral quadratic forms and representation types: José A. de la Peña
5. Deformation of algebras and modules: Christof Geiss.
6. Cellular algebras: Changchang Xi.
7. Derived and triangulated categories: Bernhard Keller.
8. Tilting theory and cluster algebras: Idun Reiten.
9. Hereditary categories: Helmut Lenzing.
10. Periodicity in representation theory of algebras: Andrzej Skowronski.
11. Hall algebras: Olivier Schiffmann.

Please let your students and colleagues know about this School and Conference, and encourage them to attend. Students registered for the School are expected to attend also the Conference and hence to stay at ICTP for the 3 weeks. For students of countries considered as Third World, the ICTP will provide accommodation and most of the meals during the School and Conference, for other countries ICTP arranges accommodation and meals at
a cheap cost. We expect that the participants get support for the trip from their home institutions, however there will be some money from ICTP for transportation.

The application should be sent by mail to:

Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics
Advanced School and Conference on Representation Theory and Related Topics
(smr1735 c/o Ms. Mabilo Koutou)
Strada Costiera 11
I-34014 Trieste, Italy
or by e-mail to:

DEADLINE for receipt of applications: 31 August 2005.