Bram Petri

Teichmüller Theory

Practical information

Semester: 2018/2019 - summer
Module code: V5D3 - Advanced Topics in Geometry

Times and rooms:
- Tuesdays 10:15 - 12:00 in SR-0.008, Endenicher Allee 60
- Thursdays 12:15 - 14:00 in SR-0.007, Endenicher Allee 60

There will be no more lectures for this course


The exams will be oral and will take place in office 2.003 at the Endenicher Allee 60. They will take place on July 11 and 12 and August 28, 29 and 30. If you haven't yet picked a time slot, please contact me by email.


The Teichmüller space of a surface S is the deformation space of complex structures on S and can also be seen as a space of hyperbolic metrics on S. The aim of this course will be to study the geometry and topology of this space and its quotient: the moduli space of hyperbolic metrics on S. In particular, the end goal will be to prove Mirzakhani's recurrence for the Weil-Petersson volumes of moduli spaces.


Linear algebra, analysis, complex analysis, basic differential geometry, point-set topology.

Lecture notes

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Lecture notes


Riemann surfaces: Complex Analysis Algebraic topology: Teichmüller Theory: Hyperbolic geometry: Riemannian geometry: Symplectic geometry: