Concentration Week on "Approximation Properties of Discrete Groups and Operator Spaces" August 3-7, 2009

  • Program will include 3 Minicourses (3 lectures each) intended for PhD students and junior researchers as well as several more specialized lectures
  • Marius JUNGE: Approximation properties and special operator spaces  (pdf)(talk-pdf),
  • Narutaka OZAWA: Hyperlinearity, sofic groups and applications to group theory (pdf) (talk-pdf),
  • Jesse PETERSON: Applications of closable derivations in the theory of II_1 factors (pdf) (talk-pdf),

  • Tentative schedule:(pdf)

    Additional list of speakers with their abstracts and e-files of some talks: Aurélien Alvarez (pdf), Ionut Chifan (pdf), Mikael de la Salle (pdf) (talk-pdf), Cyril Houdayer (pdf), Adrian Ioana (pdf), Paul Jolissaint (pdf)(talk-pdf),   Tao Mei (pdf) (talk-pdf), Javier Parcet (pdf) (talk-pdf), Sorin Popa (pdf) (talk-pdf), Romain Tessera (pdf), Quanhua Xu (pdf)(talk-pdf),

    Tentative list of participants:
    Aurélien Alvarez, Steve Avsec, Jon Bannon, Florent Baudier, Shibananda Biswas, David Blecher, Ionut Chifan, Mikael de la Salle, Ken Dykema, Francesco Fidaleo, Antoine Flattot, Mingchu Gao,  Julien Giol, Cyril Houdayer,  Adrian Ioana, Paul Jolissaint, Marius Junge, Kate Juschenko, Masayoshi Kaneda, David Kerr, Yun-Su Kim, Jon Kraus, Franz Luef, Tao Mei, Ping Wong Ng, Piotr Nowak, Timur Oikhberg, Narutaka Ozawa, Javier Parcet, Vern Paulsen, Jesse Peterson, Gilles Pisier, Sorin Popa, Mrinal Raghupathi, Narcisse Randrianantoanina, Haskell Rosenthal, Subrata Roy, Thomas John Sinclair,  Anna Skripka, Roger Smith, Romain Tessera, Alan Wiggins, Quanhua Xu

    Practical Travel Info: 
    College Station has an airport (CLL) and AmericanAirlines flies there via Dallas (DFW) while Continental Airlines flies there via Houston Intercontinental airport (IAH). Note that Houston has two airports (but Hobby airport is farther from College Station). College Station is about 90 miles from Houston. There is a shuttle service from the two Houston airports, see
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