I am strongly committed to the free sharing of information in all areas of intellectual activity. I often give lecture series to students and young researchers, especially outside Europe and North America.

In July-August 2010, I co-organised a summer school (AQUA) on analytic and ergodic number theory at the Tata Institute (Mumbai, India). Students took notes; these shall be edited and probably published in due time.

In the (septentrional) summer of 2006, I taught a course on probabilistic number theory at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru. The resulting monograph - which will remain available online - has since been published as a small volume in the series Monografías del IMCA.

Back in May 2005, I gave a series of lectures at the Universidad de la Habana, Havana, Cuba. The aim was to give a brief course on inequalities from a modern perspective, with applications to number theory. Unfortunately, while I have the notes here, I lost the LaTeX "negatives" a long time ago; if you by any chance know anybody who has them, please let me know.

In general, any comments on the notes are more than welcome.