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On Unix systems

This version has been tested on Linux and BeOS, using gcc. The distribution is contained in the tared-gzipped file interpcom-3.1.tar.gz. First you can give the following commands

gunzip interpcom-3.1.tar.gz
tar xvf interpcom.tar


tar zxvf interpcom-3.1.tar.gz

to extract the distribution. It will be contained in the directory ./interpcom-3.1 . On Linux first check the makefile to choose which command line editing library to use, and the optimizations. Then type make in this directory to see the following options :

Options for make :
         tests              : the minimal applications
         world              : the libraries with thread support and tests
         clean              : deletes the object files
         clean-all          : deletes the object files, the libraries
                              and the executables
         install            : installs the libraries with thread support

The install option will put the corresponding static and shared libraries in the directory /usr/local/lib and make the appropriate links. The include file interp.h will be copied in /usr/local/include and interp_convert, help_convert in /usr/local/bin.

The directory test/extra contains minimal applications using supplementary expression evaluators. Some of them require additional libraries.