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Structure of help files

A help file is divided into subjects. Each subject begins with a ";" and ends when another subject begins, or with the end of the file.

The first line of each subject (after the line containing the single ";") contains the name of the subject, and the remaining lines are the content that will be printed by the command help. For example

- interpcom -> help xyz

will print the content of the subject whose name is xyz. If xyz is not the name of a subject, the names of the subjects beginning with xyz will be printed. If only one subject begins with xyz, its name and its content will be printed.

Example : the beginning of a help file :

add  obj1  obj2  obj3
This command is used to add two objects. 
Here the objects obj1, obj2 are added and the result is stored in object obj3. 
The objects must have been defined and be of the same type. Their dimensions 
must be the same.
assign struc mb_name obj_name
This command assigns the object (or structure) whose name is obj_name to the 
member mb_name of the structure struc.
If the member mb_name is a variable of the expression evaluator, the syntax is 
different :

assign struc mb_name xxx

where xxx is a numerical expression. The name of the variable is the name of 
the structure, followed by _  and by the name of the member.