Homepage of the developement version of the GAP part of CHEVIE

CHEVIE is a joint project of

CHEVIE is a computer algebra package for symbolic calculations with generic character tables of groups of Lie type, and related mathematical structures: Weyl groups and Iwahori-Hecke algebras. It has been extended to deal with some infinite Coxeter groups such as the affine Weyl groups, and also to deal with groups generated by pseudo-reflections in a complex vector space and the associated `cyclotomic Hecke algebras' and braid groups. It is written partly in MAPLE, and partly in GAP3. This page concerns the latest developements of the GAP part of CHEVIE. You should look at the CHEVIE homepage for other information on CHEVIE.

The GAP part of CHEVIE

The purpose of this page is to always give access to the latest developement version of the GAP part of CHEVIE; if you find some bugs, bad designs, etc... don't complain about them, or rather if you do, do it by sending Email to me.

Here is brief summary of what's new compared to the version CHEVIE 3.1 in the official version GAP 3.4.4 of 1997.