Homepage of the gap3-jm distribution

A pre-packaged GAP3 with everything you need

To help people who are just interested in GAP3 because they need a package which has not been ported to GAP4, I have prepared an easy-to install minimal GAP3 distribution containing an up-to-date versions of the packages:

anusq, arep, autag, chevie, cryst, dce, grim, matrix, meataxe, monoid, nq, pcqa, sisyphos, specht, ve, vkcurve.

These packages have been chosen since most have no equivalent in GAP4. They are autoloaded when starting gap.

This distribution includes only partial lists of small groups, 2-groups, 3-groups, character tables from the Atlas and tables of marks. It does not include either the packages:

anupq, grape, kbmag, xgap, cohomolo, gliss, guava, xmod

which have some equivalent in GAP4. You can get these extra features at


In this distribution:

  • The on-line help includes the documentation of the included packages.
  • The html documentation (htm/index.html) also does.
  • The manual (manual.pdf) also does.

    Are included binaries for Dos/Windows, Linux (for Intel) and Max-OSX.

    Here is the latest stable version, from 21Mar2016 gap3-jm5.tar.gz (17 megabytes) or gap3-jm5.zip (18 megabytes) which includes a 64-bit executable for linux.

    And the previous version gap3-jm4.tar.gz (16 megabytes) or gap3-jm4.zip (16.5 megabytes)

    The installation instructions are as follows: unpack somewhere the file, it will make a gap3-jm5 directory. Then, in gap3-jm5/bin edit gap.sh (on Linux or Mac-OSX) or gap.bat or gap.cmd (on dos/windows) so that the variable GAP_DIR refers to the right directory and GAP_PRG to the right executable, and put gap.sh (renamed gap3) or gap.bat someplace on your path.

    You can also just download the manual (of the latest version) (manual.pdf, 4 megabytes), or browse online the .html GAP documentation.

    Finally note that this version of GAP3 is available online in SageMathCloud.