Homepage of the gap3-jm distribution

A pre-packaged GAP3 with everything you need

This is an up to date distribution of GAP3 with all the packages and tables included. No one should need another distribution of GAP3.

Here is the latest version of 07 Jan 2024 for Linux, Mac OSX or Windows:

  • gap3-jm07jan24.tar.gz (27 megabytes)
  • To install, go to some directory where you want to install GAP3, then:

  • under Unix, type

    tar xzf gap3-jm07jan24.tar.gz

  • under Windows you may use 7-zip to unpack the tar.gz file.
  • Unpacking the .tar.gz will make a gap3-jm subdirectory at your current location. Then follow the instructions in gap3-jm/readme

    You can also just

  • download the manual of the latest version (manual.pdf, 4 megabytes),
  • or browse online the .html GAP3 documentation.
  • For the people who know this technology, you can also clone the GAP3 repository by:

    git clone https://github.com/jmichel7/gap3-jm

    The advantage of this method is that you can then update the distribution just by typing git pull in the gap3-jm directory, getting thus any bugfix between new versions.

    Finally note that GAP3 is available online via Sage in CoCalc.