Titles and Presentations of the talks


Itai BEN YAACOV Model-theoretic isolation and smooth vectors in the Gurarij space
John CLEMENS Injective selectors and pointed trees
Pandelis DODOS New results in Ramsey Theory for trees
Mirna DZAMONJA A Hausdorff-like characterization of FAC posets
Marton ELEKES Reconstructing geometric objects from the measures of their intersections with test sets
Eli GLASNER Minimal Hyperspace actions of homeomorphism groups of H-homogeneous spaces
Gilles GODEFROY Tightness of Banach spaces and Baire category.
Stephen JACKSON Colorings, Supercolorings, and the dynamics of group actions.
Julien MELLERAY Extensions of measure-preserving actions
Benjamin MILLER Incomparable treeable equivalence relations
Luca MOTTO ROS $\kappa$-Souslin quasi-orders and definable cardinality
Lionel NGUYEN VAN THÉ More on the Kechris-Pestov-Todorcevic correspondance: precompact expansions
Philipp SCHLICHT Continuous reducibility for the real line
Victor SELIVANOV $\Delta^0_\alpha$-Reductions in Quasi-Polish Spaces
Konstantin SLUTSKY Free products and HNN extensions of groups with two-sided invariant metrics
Vladimir USPENSKIY On some problems in topological dynamics