Topology of Statistical Systems: A Cohomological Approach to Information Theory, 2019.

The thesis focuses on the cohomological interpretation of entropy and other related quantities, e.g. multinomial coefficients. It shows that information has topological meaning and topology serves as a unifying framework. I developed a combinatorial analogue of the fundamental equation of information theory (which provides a new characterization of generalized multinomial coefficients) and introduced a cohomological characterization of differential entropy for gaussian variables (that generalizes the axiomatic approach of Shannon, Khinchin…).


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Slides used at my PhD defense, June 2019.

Presentation at OASIS Seminar: “Information cohomology: an overview.” Oxford, England, 2019.

Presentation at LAWCI 2018: “Information theory for Tsallis 2-entropy.” Latin American Week on Coding and Information, Campinas, Brazil, 2018.

Poster: “A combinatorial interpretation for Tsallis 2-entropy” at Entropy 2018, Barcelona.

Presentation at AAT 2017: “Information topology and probabilistic graphical
 Conference Applied Algebraic Topology, Sapporo, Japan, 2017.

Presentation at Séminaire de Géométrie et Physique Mathématique: “Information cohomology. “ (IMJ), 2017.

Presentation IHES: “”Variations on information theory: categories, cohomology, entropy.” Slides for my talk at the conference Les Probabilités de Demain, 2016.

Clifford modules and K-theory