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Grothendieck's non-mathematical writings


Récoltes et Semailles, Réflexions et témoignages sur un passé de mathématicien (1985-86) -- A many volume partly autobiographical memoir describing Grothendieck's life as a mathematician.


La Clef des Songes - ou Dialogue avec le Bon Dieu -- This book in French (6 chapters, 315 pages, plus hundreds of pages of added notes) describes Grothendieck's arrival at the conviction of the existence of God, through his discovery of the meaning and significance of dreams. It also contains a wealth of personal biographical details on his early childhood, on the period spent in a French internment camp for undesirables during World War II and then in the Protestant foyer for Jewish children in Le Chambon sur Lignon, and on his parents.

A four-page summary

The text of La Clef des Songes is not available online by request of Grothendieck's family
Table of contents and chapters I,II,III (136 pages),
Chapters IV and V (132 pages),
Chapter VI (47 pages)
Notes to La Clef des Songes (in particular the large section called Les Mutants)

Departure from IHES- Short passage from the Clef des Songes concerning Grothendieck's departure from the IHES in 1970

Die Mutanten, a 34-page essay by W. Scharlau, in German except for the introduction, about one section of La Clef des Songes, called Les Mutants, discussing 18 individuals who according to Grothendieck were far ahead of their time.

Spanish translation of about 20 pages of Grothendieck's 500 pages of Notes to La Clef des Songes.



Crafoord Prize- Letter to journals and newspapers on the refusal of the Crafoord Prize
A letter on physics to A.Y. -- dating from June 24, 1991 (two months before Grothendieck's disappearance).
The A.Y. letter typed
A letter to Luca Barbieri Viale (Scan)
A letter to Juan Navarro Gonzalez about Récoltes et Semailles