Marco Robalo

Maître de Conférence (depuis Septembre 2015)

Projet Analyse Algébrique
Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu-PRG
Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Contact: marco.robalo (at)
Bureau: 15-25 512

Research Interests:

(Derived) Algebraic Geometry, Motives, Higher Category theory and Higher Algebra


A lemma for microlocal sheaf theory in the infinity-categorical setting - Joint with P. Schapira - arxiv: 1611.06789

Motivic Realizations of Matrix Factorizations and Vanishing Cycles - Joint with A. Blanc , B. Töen and G. Vezzosi - Preliminary Draft - arXiv:1607.03012

Gromov Witten theory and Brane Actions I:Categorification and K-theory - Joint with Etienne Mann - Preliminary Version May 2015 - arXiv:1505.02964 ( Slides)


K-Theory and the bridge from Motives to non-commutative Motives - Advances in Mathematics (link)
(Contains the results of arXiv:1206.3645 and arXiv:1306.3795. These have been updated and included in my Phd Thesis, respectively, in Sections I and II).

Phd Thesis:

I did my Phd Thesis in Montpellier under the supervision of Bertrand Toën . A copy of my thesis can be found (here)


2016/2017 - Topology and Differential Calculus - AIMS Senegal
2016/2017 - Cours M1 "Groupes et Algèbres de Lie" TD
2016/2017 - Cours M2 - Homotopy Theory (with Gregory Ginot)
2015/2016 - TD Cours M1 "GÉOMETRIE DIFFÉRENTIELLE" 4M022
2015/2016 - TD Cours M1
"Groupes et Algèbres de Lie"


Cours Peccot Video Lectures

"Mathematics of the 21st century: the vision of Alexander Grothendieck'' June 15-19 2015, University of Montpellier