Coming to CATS5

The following map contains the most important locations you will need, like the conference hall, the access to the restaurant where the social dinner will take place, the subway map and much more. Please check it.

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Advices and Warnings

From the Airport to your Hotel: The easiest way is to get a taxi from the airport arrivals gate. The ride should take 15/20 min and cost around 10/12 euros. The airport is located 8Kms away from the conference hall. Alternatively, you can also take the subway. In that case, take the red line from the airport and depending on your hotel location change for the blue or yellow lines. The closest subway stations to the Museum are Avenida (for the Blue Line ) and Rato (for the Yellow Line ) . Check the map for more details about these two options.

Subway Runs from 6.30Am to 1Am. The single ticket costs 1,45euros. We recommend buying a card (VIVA Viagem or Lisboa VIVA) and charge it with the Zapping system. You can buy these cards in the machines at the subway station. It costs 0.50euros and you can keep charging it to access all transports, including subway, bus, trams and trains.

Access to the Museum:
- The Conference Room (Amphitheater Manuel Valadares) is located on the first floor of the Museum of Natural History and Science.

- You should always access the museum through this gate: (Avenida das Palmeiras) .

- Please be aware that during the event you will need to carry your identification card at all times in order to have access to the museum. We will distribute these cards during the reception to the school (Wednesday 26 Sept) and the conference (1 Oct). The card is valid both for the school and conference.

- If you arrive later during the week, you should enter through the specified gate and pass the security agent who will have your name in the list of participantes. Once inside we will be given the card for future entrances.

- The access to the permanent expositions in the museum is not accesible to the participantes of the conference. You can walk in the museum but cannot visit the main expositions. You should buy a ticket at the reception if you want to visit the expositions.

Internet Access: The museum is equipped with Eduroam

Food: During week days, lunch will be provided at the museum where the conference takes place (vegetarian option included). There will also be two coffee breaks during the day. For your convenience, we included in the map several restaurants appreciated by locals, that you might want to try for dinner and during the weekend. Although some can be far, they are worthy. All participants are invited to the Social Dinner, October 3rd - check the map to find how to access the restaurant.

Getting around in Lisbon: You can use the subway system (see the map above) but it does not cover the whole city, namely, you might want to visit Belem in the west of the city. In that case head to Cais do Sodre and take the tram 15 or any train. You might also want to take this train line if you want to visit the beach locations north of the tagus river, like the city of Cascais. Again, check the map above for further details.
Taxis, Uber and Cabify also work quite well. Cabify is very popular and cheaper for short distances. Uber is best for long distances. For taxis, you can stop them in the streets. Taxi scams are rare but can happen.
You can also use the city bikes.
To navigate the city and find transportation schedules, you can use this website .

Places outside Lisbon: We recommend the villages of Sintra and Cascais. The first you can easily access by train from Rossio's train station. The second, from Cais do Sodre train station. We also recommend the several boat trips to the south bank of the Tagus river. More generally for more complete touristic informations please check this website.

Culture: The biggest Fado festival in Lisbon will take place the 28 and 29 of September in the Alfama neighbourhood. Some concerts are for free. If you are interested, you can find more information here.

National Holiday: on Friday, October 5 . If you are planning to travel, be ware that some museums and other touristic places might be closed/crowded.

Take care of your belongings: Lisbon is a very safe city but it became a popular touristic destination in the last couple of years. Therefore, there are many scams for tourists. Like in any touristic city, beware of pickpocket scams in the subway, bus, downtown streets, monuments and the Tram 15.

Restaurant Scams: Beware of some restaurant scams in the main touristic streets, the most typical ones being: 1) starters or bread already displaced or brought to you without order when you arrive. Those are not for free and can be VERY expensive; 2) Menus without prices. Complaining is a local habit. To submit your complaint, visit this website or alternatively, ask for the local Complaint book. By law, the service must provide you with all the information to fill the form and give you a copy. This is valid for all services, including hotels, transportation and restaurants.

Tipping: Tips for restaurant services are common but not mandatory.

Weather Forecast Follow this Link

As for all European states, 112 is the national emergency number.

We hope you enjoy CATS5. For more informations, please contact the organisers.

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