1. A classification of irreducible modulo $p$ representations of a reductive $p$-adic group (with Abe, Henniart, Herzig). 2014 New version 2015-04-08  (pdf)
  2. The pro-$p$-Iwahori Hecke algebra of a reductive $p$-adic group V (Parabolic induction).  2015 (pdf)


``$p$-adic integral structures of some representations of $GL(2,F)$''.  21 février 2005 Ne sera pas publie). (pdf)

Ma Li: Complete unitaire universel d'une serie principale pour GL_2(Q_p)

Notes on my lectures at WAM Princeton 2010: Introduction to the Langlands modulo p correspondence for GL(2,Q_p)