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                                SOME RECENT ARTICLES

                           (updated February 4, 2016)


    Published articles may differ slightly from the versions on this page.


p-adic and analytic properties of period integrals and values of L-functions, to appear: pdf


Speculations on the mod p representation theory of p-adic groups, to appear in Annales de la FacultŽ des sciences de Toulouse, special issue in honor of V. Schechtman: pdf


Automorphic Galois representations and Shimura varieties, Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians Seoul 2014, Vol II, 367-389: pdf


(with H. Grobner and E. Lapid)  Whittaker regulators and non-critical values of Asai L-functions, Contemporary Mathematics, to appear: pdf


(with H. Grobner)  Whittaker periods, motivic periods, and special values of tensor product L-functions, Journal of the Institut de MathŽmatiques de Jussieu, online March 31, 2015: pdf


(with K.-W. Lan, R. Taylor, and J. Thorne)  On the rigid cohomology of certain Shimura varieties: pdf


Testing rationality of coherent cohomology of Shimura varieties, in J. Cogdell et al., eds,

Automorphic Forms and Related Geometry: Assessing the Legacy of I.I. Piatetski-Shapiro,

         Contemporary Mathematics, 614, 81-96 (2014): pdf


Weight zero Eisenstein cohomology of Shimura varieties via Berkovich spaces, Pacific J. Math.

            (supplement to special issue in memory of J. Rogawski), 268, 275-81 (2014) pdf


(with G. Chenevier)  Construction of automorphic Galois representations, II,

Cambridge Journal of Mathematics, 1, 57-73 (2013) :  pdf


L-functions and periods of adjoint motives, Algebra and Number Theory, 7 (2013), 117-155pdf


Beilinson-Bernstein localization over Q and periods of automorphic forms

International Math. Research Notices, 2013, 2000-2053 (2013)pdf (this is an uncorrected version, with different numbering than the published version)


The Taylor-Wiles method for coherent cohomology,  J. Reine Angew. Math., 679 125-153 (2013):  pdf 

    (Readers are warned that the notation may not be entirely consistent in this preliminary draft.)


(with T. Barnet-Lamb, D. Geraghty, and R. Taylor) A family of Calabi-Yau varieties and

potential automorphy, II,  Proc. RIMS, 47, 29-98 (2011):  pdf


(with J.-S. Li and B. Sun) Theta correspondences for close unitary groups, in

Arithmetic Geometry and Automorphic Forms, Advanced Lectures in Mathematics, 19,

Somerville:  International Press (2011):  pdf


Arithmetic applications of the Langlands program, Japanese J. Math., 3rd series, 5, 1-71 (2010):  pdf


(with R. Guralnick and N. Katz) Automorphic realization of residual Galois representations,

J. Eur. Math. Soc.  12,  915-937  (2010):  pdf


(with N. Shepherd-Barron and R. Taylor)  A family of Calabi-Yau varieties and potential

automorphy, Annals of Math.171,  779-813  (2010):  pdf


(with L. Clozel and R. Taylor) Automorphy for some l-adic lifts of automorphic mod l representations

(version of June 2008)Publ. Math. IHES, 108, 1-181 (2008):  pdf


Potential automorphy of odd-dimensional symmetric powers of elliptic curves, and applications,  

in Algebra, Arithmetic, and Geometry:  Manin Festschrift, Progr. Math., 270, 1-21

Boston:  BirkhŠuser (2009): pdf


Cohomological automorphic forms on unitary groups, II:  Period relations and values of L-functions, 

in Harmonic Analysis, Group Representations, Automorphic Forms and Invariant Theory,

Vol. 12, Lecture Notes Series, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, National University of

Singapore (volume in honor of Roger Howe): pdf


(with J.-S. Li and C. Skinner)  p-adic L-functions for unitary Shimura varieties, Part I:  construction

of the Eisenstein measureDocumenta Math., Extra Volume:  John H. Coates' Sixtieth Birthday

393-464 (2006):  pdf


A simple proof of rationality of Siegel-Weil Eisenstein series, in W.T. Gan, S. S. Kudla, and

Y. Tschinkel, eds., Eisenstein Series and Applications, BirkhŠuser:  Progress in Mathematics

258, 149-186 (2008):  pdf

    Appendix by Paul Garrett:  Archimedean zeta integrals for unitary groups


(with J.-S. Li and C. Skinner)  The Rallis inner product formula and p-adic L-functions, in

Automorphic Representations, L-functions and Applications:  Progress and Prospects,

Berlin:  de Gruyter,  225-255 (2005) (volume in honor of S. Rallis)dvi


The Local Langlands correspondence: Notes of (half) a course at the IHP, Spring 2000, 
AstŽrisque, 298, 17-145 (2005) pdf.

The argument on p. 130-131 is only valid for split groups:  see explanation here.


(with J.-P. Labesse)  Conditional base change for unitary groups, Asian J. Math.  8,  
653-684 (2004):  pdf


Occult period invariants and critical values of the degree four $L$-function of $GSp(4)$,  in 

H. Hida, D. Ramakrishnan, F. Shahidi, eds.,   Contributions to automorphic forms, geometry, 

and number theory (volume in honor of J. Shalika), 331-354 (2004):    pdf


(with S. S. Kudla)  On a conjecture of Jacquet,  in H. Hida, D. Ramakrishnan, F. Shahidi, eds.,  

Contributions to automorphic forms, geometry, and number theory (volume in honor of J. Shalika),

355-371 (2004):  dvi


(with S. Zucker)  Boundary cohomology of Shimura varieties, III:  The nightmare continues, 

MŽmoires de la Soc. Math. France,  85 (2001):  dvi


(with R. Taylor)  Deformations of automorphic Galois representations, fourth preliminary draft, 2003: 

This is the fourth draft of a manuscript originally written in 1998, most of which has been

incorporated into the joint paper of the two authors with L. Clozel.


(with R. Taylor)  Regular models of certain Shimura varieties, Asian J. Math. 6, 61-94 (2002):  dvi


(with R. Taylor)  On the geometry and cohomology of some Shimura varieties, 

Annals of Math. 
Studies 151, Princeton University Press (2001).


Local Langlands correspondences and vanishing cycles on Shimura varieties,

Proceedings of the 
European Congress of Mathematics, Barcelona, 2000;

Progress in Mathematics, 201, 
Basel:  BirkhaŸser Verlag, 407-427 (2001):  dvi    

There is a mistake in the statement of Proposition 4.1 (ii) and in Conjecture 5.2:  see explanation here.



Arithmetic of the oscillator representation  (unpublished manuscript on the arithmetic of Siegel

modular forms of half-integral weight, 1987)



             Annotated PUBLICATION LIST

                (updated August 26, 2013)



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