Recent Books

  • Carleman Inequalities: an Introduction and More, a new book, published in 2019 in the Springer-Verlag Series Grundlehren der Mathematischen Wissenschaften . This is a 576-page book, dealing with various aspects of Carleman inequalities. On that link, you will find a short description of the contents of the book as well as some previews opportunities.

  • A Course on Integration Theory, Including More Than 150 Exercises With Detailed Answers, a book published by Birkhäuser in 2014. This volume is a 500-page textbook on Integration Theory, supplemented by 160 exercises provided with detailed answers. We have tried here to keep a rather elementary level, at least in the way of exposing our arguments and proofs, which are hopefully complete, detailed, sometimes at the cost of a lack of concision. Moreover, we hope that the many exercises (with answers) included at the end of each chapter will represent a key asset for the present book. Here is a pdf file of Table of Contents and Preface of the Book.

  • Metrics on the Phase Space and Non-Selfadjoint Pseudodifferential Operators, a book published by Birkhäuser in 2010. This is a four-hundred-page book on the topic of pseudodifferential operators, with special emphasis on non-selfadjoint operators, a priori estimates and localization in the phase space.

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