Irregular Connections, Character Varieties and Physics

Paris VII, March 6-9 2017

Organisers: P. Boalch, E. Letellier

Invited Speakers:

D. Arinkin
J. Harnad
T. Hausel
V. Heu
K. Iwaki
M. Klimes
M. Luu
D. Masoero
T. Pantev
B. Pym
A. Tanzini
M. Wong
X. Xu
D. Yamakawa

The main theme of the conference is the geometry of moduli spaces of connections on Riemann surfaces and their links to other parts of mathematics and physics. Such moduli spaces feature in both the Riemann-Hilbert-Birkhoff correspondence and the wild nonabelian Hodge correspondence and this means the differentiable manifold underlying the moduli space has several other algebraic structures, as spaces of Higgs bundles (meromorphic Hitchin systems) and as spaces of Stokes/monodromy data (wild character varieties), thus bringing together an incredible diversity of subjects. For example the change of complex structure of the moduli space is encoded in a hyperkahler metric and this leads to links with supersymmetric high energy physics (Seiberg-Witten and more recent extensions by Gaiotto and others). On the other hand linear ODEs constitute a large class of connections and this leads to links with complex WKB, Stokes graphs and cluster algebras. The aim of this small meeting is to bring together a diverse group of researchers working on these and related areas.




The conference will be held in the Turing Amphitheatre in the Sophie Germain building of Paris 7 (Diderot) University.
See here or here for directions (the entrance is on Avenue de France).

This event is open to all interested mathematicians, independently of national
or ethnic origins, religious convictions, or other personal life situations.

Supported by grants:
ANR-13-BS01-0001-01 (Variétés de caractères et généralisations)
ANR-13-IS01-0001-01/02 (Symétrie miroir et singularités irrégulières provenant de la physique)