Two-days workshop "Regulators and modularity"
Jussieu, Nov 30-Dec 1st 2015

Monday, November 30- Tuesday, December 1st 2015

Room 15-25 502 .
Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu-PRG
Université Paris 6
4 place Jussieu, 75005 PARIS

Sponsored by : ANR "REGULATEURS"

Exact location : Talks are in room 15-25 502 (which means on the 5th floor, between the towers 15 and 25.). This map of Jussieu campus explains where towers 15 and 25 are located once you exit the metro station Jussieu near the main entrance of the university.

Organizer : Pierre Charollois (Université Paris 6)
To contact me for more details : full lastname at math DOT jussieu DOT fr

The room capacity is unfortunately quite limited (46 seats only).
If you want to attend and secure a seat, you need to send an email to the organizer :
organizer's full lastname AT math DOT jussieu DOT fr to become member of the list of participants.
In addition, please mention the dinner on Monday if you'd like to participate.

Speakers: include

Marie José Bertin, Université Paris 6.
François Brunault, ENS Lyon.
Ted Chinburg, University of Pennsylvania.
Henri Darmon, McGill University.
Mladen Dimitrov, Université de Lille.
Özlem Imamoglu, ETH Zürich.
Yingkun Li, TU Darmstadt.
Victor Rotger, UP Catalunya.


Monday :

9h. coffee reception : room 15-16 417 (4th floor).

9h30 Ted Chinburg : Lower bounds for regulators of subgroups of unit groups; Abstract.

11h. Özlem Imamoglu : Modular integrals and Dirichlet series. Abstract.

Lunch break

14h François Brunault : Régulateurs modulaires via la méthode de Rogers-Zudilin Abstract, résumé.

15h30. Marie José Bertin : Regulators and Mahler measure. Abstract.

19h20 Dinner; (near campus, tba); registration required.

Tuesday (the talks are related to weight one modular forms)

9h. coffee reception : room 15-16 417 (4th floor).

9h30. Yingkun Li : Harmonic Maass forms of weight one and regulators. Abstract. .

11h. Mladen Dimitrov : Déformations p-adiques de représentations d'Artin en dimension 2.

Lunch break

14h. Victor Rotger : Weight one modular forms, Gross-Stark units and points on elliptic curves;Abstract.

15h30 Henri Darmon : Formes modulaires surconvergentes de poids 1 et régulateurs de régulateurs; résumé. the slides.


1. T. Chinburg
2. O. Imamoglu
2. F. Brunault
4. M.J. Bertin
5. Y. Li
6. M. Dimitrov
7. V. Rotger
8. H. Darmon
9. P. Charollois
10. J. Gillibert
11. D. Casazza
12. S. Choi
13. J. van Order
14. G. Rosso
15. G. Chenevier
16. L. Merel
17. P. Colmez
18. M. Espinoza
19. M. Herblot
20. J. Nekovar
21. D. Bertrand
22. B. Kahn
23. D. Bernardi
24. M. Hindry
25. O. Lecacheux
26. A. Pande
27. R. Brasca
28. A. Betina
29. R. Greenberg
30. E. Lecouturier
31. R. Griffon
32. B. Stroh
33. B. Klinger
34. F. Lemma
35. F. Bleher
36. X. Ai
37. J. Rodrigues
38. V. Cantoral Farfán
39. J.P. Serre
40. P. Molin

Blackboards :
Here is a list of small rooms available for mathematical exchanges, equipped with blackboards :
15-25 504 (5th floor, adjacent to the lecture room).
15-16 413 (4th floor, facing the coffee room)
15-25 422 (4th floor)

Accomodation :
here is a list of suggestion for hotels Accomodation.


There will be a dinner on Monday Nov. 30th at 19h20 at "Pizza Roma", 13 rue Linné near the campus. Please send an email to the organizer or register during the workshop if you plan to attend.