Hi! I am a Maître de conférences (= tenured associate professor) in the Department of Mathematics at Université Paris Cité, working in the automorphic forms group at the Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu-Paris Rive Gauche. My main research interests are in number theory and arithmetic geometry. I am also member of the ANR project CoLoSS.

Recently, I have developed an interest in formal proofs and proof assistants. I am involved in Lean and its Mathematical Library. I launched a project to prove Fermat’s last theorem for regular primes in Lean. Contact me if you want to join! I also actively contribute to the Liquid Tensor Experiment. If you want to formalize some mathematics, I recommend you try the Natural Number Game. You can also have a look at the Lean community blog. If you are around Paris, check out this working group about formalized mathematics.

I have been a post-doc at the ENS-Lyon under the supervision of Vincent Pilloni and at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics. I completed my PhD in March 2012 under the supervision of Fabrizio Andreatta at the Università degli Studi di Milano.

  • Langlands program
  • Eigenvarieties
  • $p$-adic families of automorphic forms
  • Formal proofs
  • PhD in Mathematics, 2012

    Università degli Studi di Milano

  • Master degree in Mathematics, 2008

    Università degli Studi di Milano

  • Bachelor degree in Mathematics, 2006

    Università degli Studi di Milano

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Maître de conférences
Sep 2013 – Present Paris
Post Doc
Oct 2012 – Aug 2013 Lyon
Under the supervision of Vincent Pilloni
Post Doc
Apr 2012 – Sep 2012 Bonn
PhD Student
Jan 2009 – Mar 2012 Milan
  • Advisor: Fabrizio Andreatta
  • Thesis: $p$-adic families of modular forms over Shimura curves


Curriculum vitae

My CV is available in HTML or PDF form. (Last updated: December 2022)