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Model theory of pseudo finite fields (LMFI, Paris Diderot)

  • Dates et classrooms in 2020:
    • Tuesdays 8:45am to 10:45am.
      • The 14/01 class is cancelled.
      • The 21/01 and 28/01 classes are in HF 506B.
      • from the 04/02 onward, classes are in HF 166E.
    • Thursdays 11:15am to 1:15pm in SG 2011.
      • The 16/01 class is cancelled. It is replaced by the "Théorie des modèles: Outils classiques" class.
    • The two cancelled class will be given at a latter date.
  • Class notes. Comments and corrections are welcome.
  • Exams

Model theory of algebraically closed valued fields (IPM, Tehran)

  • Notes. Comments and corrections are welcome.

Introduction to Algebra (Math 113, UC Berkeley)

Introduction to Logic (Math 125, UC Berkeley)

Logic (École Normale Supérieure)