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This section of the initialization file is optional. It begins with the keyword !message and ends with a line containing a point. It contains messages that the user can print on screen during the execution of the program. The function error_mess(flow_data *, int) is used to do this. For instance the instruction

error_mess(flow_interp, 4);

will print the message number four (i.e. the message on the fifth (non-comment) line after the keyword !message). Note that we need to pass to this function the pointer flow_interp to the flow_data structure corresponding to the running thread (cf. 10.4).

Example :

; 0   (this is a comment line, to remember the number of the message)
Message number 0\n
; 1
Enter a positive real number : 
; 2
Invalid parameter !\n
; 3
Incorrect object name !\n

Several such sections can be used in an initialization file. Of course in the case of multiple sections !message, the message numbers will be determined by the order of appearance of these sections.