Titles and Presentations of the talks


Itai BEN YAACOV A polish group which cannot act transitively on a complete space
Márton ELEKES Nullsets without $G_\delta$ hulls
David EVANS Free actions of free groups on countable structures and property (T)
Rafal FILIPOW Pointwise versus equal (quasinormal) convergence via ideals
Sy-David FRIEDMAN More on the Descriptive Set Theory of Generalised Baire Space
Vassilis GREGORIADES Effectivity and Polish group actions
Tomás IBARLUCIA Separably categorical structures and Banach representations
Takayuki KIHARA Recursion theoretic methods in topological dimension theory
Viktor KISS Ranks on the Baire class $\xi$ functions
François LE MAITRE Small index property for groups acting on trees
Michael MEGRELISHVILI Eventual nonsensitivity, tameness and topological groups
Arno PAULY The role of endofunctors in DST
Marcin SABOK Classification of operator systems
Katrin TENT Sharply $3$-transitive groups
Zoltan VIDNYANSZKY Characterisation of order types representable by Baire class 1 functions
Phillip WESOLEK Elementary amenable groups and descriptive set theory
Miroslav ZELENY Baire classes of strongly affine functions on simplices