A tribute to Lars Hörmander, pdf. This article was published by MATAPLI and in the June 2013 issue of the EMS Newsletter. A french version appeared in the number 137 (Juillet 2013) of La gazette des mathématiciens.

A tribute to Laurent Schwartz. Hommage à Laurent Schwartz, pdf. This text corresponds to a conference celebrating the memory of Laurent Schwartz, given in november 2003 at the University of Rennes.

Composition of Toeplitz pseudodifferential operators with rough symbols, pdf file.

Onset of instability for a class on non-linear systems of PDE pdf file, exposé au Collège de France.

Forte instabilité des solutions kovalevskiennes de systèmes d'équations aux derivées partielles, pdf file, exposé de colloquium.

Coherent States Methods for Hypoellipticity, pdf file.

Hypoellipticity for a class of kinetic equations, pdf file.

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