African Mathematical School
Algebraic Structures, Cryptography, Number Theory and Applications
Praia, Santiago, Cape Verde
April, 13th to 28th, 2015

Universidade de Cabo Verde

Local information

Where will the event take place?

Universidade de Cabo Verde - Campus Palmarejo, CP 279 - Praia, Cabo Verde

Hotels close to the university

How to reach the hotel or Universidade de Cabo Verde from the airport?

Praia is 15 minutes away by car from Francisco Mendes Airport. When leaving the airport there are two ways to go to the hotel or to Universidade de Cabo Verde. Be aware that the latter is possible only if you can exit the airport before 20:00 and that taxi prices may be higher at night.

  1. take an official (cream-coloured) taxi (~ 500 CVE, or 4,6 €) available just at the exit of the airport, or
  2. take the bus (37 CVE, or 0,34 €) that leaves the airport car park every 30 minutes ( only until 20:00) and that stops at Platô, downtown Praia; and next take a taxi (~ 100 CVE, or 0,96 €) to go to the hotel or to Universidade de Cabo Verde. Have a look at the map.