Pierre-Antoine Guihéneuf


I am maître de conférences at IMJ-PRG, Université Paris Sorbonne (ex Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6), in the Analyse Algébrique team. I am also affiliated to the institute of calculus ISCD. I co-organize, with David Burguet, the ergodic theory seminar.

In 2015-2016, I had a post doctoral position at UFF Niteroi (near Rio de Janeiro).

Between 2011 and 2015, I was PhD student in Orsay under the direction of François Beguin. Here is an updated version of my thesis (the initial version can be found on TEL).

I am interested in discretizations of dynamical systems. For more information here is a resume (September 2017).


Two preprints:

And one upcoming prepublications:
  • A study of the midterm action of discretisations on measures for circle expanding maps, in collaboration with Maurizio Monge (UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro)


Dynamic in general: discretizations of dynamics, for generic systems (e.g. generic homeomorphisms/C^1-diffeomorpihsms) and also from a practical viewpoint, discretizations of linear maps and quasicrystals, dynamics on surfaces.

Contact informations

Pierre-Antoine Guihéneuf
4 place Jussieu, case 247
75252 Paris Cedex 05, France
office 15-25-511
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e-mail : pierre-antoine"poin"guiheneuf"att"imj-prg.fr