Andrzej Zuk: Conferences

Conference talks


Subfactors - Sydney (Australia), February
Action Now - Haifa (Israel), December


Semigroups - York (Great Britain), December
Analysis and geometry on groups
, St. Petersburg (Russia), October
Algebras, Representations and Applications - Cusco (Peru), August
Groups in low-dimensional topology - Tomsk (Russia), June
Spring Probability Workshop Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica, Taipei (Taiwan), June
Escola de Verao - Brasilia (Brazil), February


Non-Commutative Analysis - Chennai (India), February
International Colloquium on Integrable Systems - Prague (Czech Republic), June
Random walks on algebraic structures - Rennes (France), June
Journées palaisiennes de combinatoire additive - Paris (France), June
CNRS-PAN Mathematics Summer Institute - Cracow (Poland), July
Analysis and Geometry on Graphs and Manifolds - Potsdam (Germany), July
Sofic groups and operator algebras - Bucarest (Romania), September


Complex Dynamics, Statistical Physics, and Limiting Spectra of Self-similar Group Actions - Purdue (USA), August
CNRS-PAN Mathematics Summer Institute - Cracow (Poland), July
Additive Combinatorics - Bordeaux (France), April


Noncommutative Geometry - Trieste (Italy), September
Geometric, Asymptotic and Combinatorial Group Theory - Marseille (France), September
Arithmetic, Groups and Analysis - Cusco (Peru), August
CNRS-PAN Mathematics Summer Institute - Cracow (Poland), June
Groups and Their Actions - Bedelwo (Poland), June
Advances in Noncommutative Geometry - Paris (France), April


XXII Escola de Escola de Álgebra - Maringa (Bresil), July
IMU-AMS meeting - Tel-Aviv (Israel), June


Further development of Atiyah-Singer index theorem and K-theory -Kyoto (Japan), December
Workshop on Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics - Beijing (China), August
Noncommutative Geometry and Operator Algebras - Shanghai (China), July
Non-positive curvature, isometric actions, and dynamics of cocycles - Cajón del Maipo (Chile), May
Barcelona Weekend in Group Theory - Barcelona (Spain), April
G3 conference - South Padre Island (USA), March
Discrete Geometry and Dynamical Systems - Kyoto (Japan), January


Noncommutative Geometry and Applications to Physics - Milan (Italy), December
Brazilian Algebra meeting - Salvador-Bahia (Brazil), July
Groups and their actions - Bedlewo (Poland), July
Geometry, Topology and Group Theory - Autrans (France), July
Geometric Group Theory and K-theory - Ise (Japan), June
Analysis and Geometry on Groups - RIMS (Japan), June
Geometry - Kyoto (Japan), June
Topology and Functional Analysis - Shanghai (China), May
Aritmética, grupos y análisis - Santiago (Chile), April
Groups, Geometry, and Random Structures - College Station (USA), March


AMS - SAMS - Port Elizabeth (South Africa), November
Quantitative Geometry - Berkeley (USA), August
Applied Algebraic Topology - Zurich (Switzerland), July
Groups, graphs and stochastic processes - Banff (Canada), June
Geometric Group Theory - Bristol (England), June
Harmonic Analysis
- Metz (France), April
Homotopy and non-commutative geometry - Tbilisi (Georgia), March
Discrete Geometry - Kyoto (Japan), March
Around property (T) - Sde Boker (Israel), February
Frontiers of Sciences - Tokyo (Japan), January


Geometry and Probability - Sendai (Japan), August
Encuentro National de Algebra - La Falda (Argentina), August
Topics in Noncommutative Geometry - Buenos Aires (Argentina), August
Analysis on Graphs and its Applications - Cambridge (Great Britain), July
Groups, Computations and Applications - Newark (USA), May
Arithmetic Groups and Their Applications - Charlottesville (USA), April
Von Neumann algebras and group actions
- Copenhagen (Denmark), February


Geometry and Analysis - Paris (France), December
Finnish Mathematical Society - Helsinki (Finnland), October
Conference on Algebraic Topology - Varsovie (Poland), July
Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamics, Fractals - Academy of Science (Poland), May
Geometric and Analytic Methods in Group Theory - Bristol (Great Britain), February


Profinite groups - Vienna (Austria), December
Groupes et algèbres d'opérateurs - Caen (France), December
Non-commutative Harmonic Analysis
- Bedlewo (Poland), August
Probabilistic Approach to Geometry
- Kyoto (Japan), August
Operator Theory - Timisoara (Rumania), July
Les groupes de Thompson - Marseille (France), June
Analysis on groups - Puerto Rico (USA), March
Jozef Dodziuk 60th Birthday Geometric Analysis Conference - New York (USA), February
Dynamical and probabilistic aspects of groups actions - Santiago (Chili), January


Noncommutative Geometry - Rome (Italy), November
Ordre apériodique - Luminy (France), September
Pro-p groups and low dimensional topology - Dublin (Irland), September
Non commutative harmonic analysis - Bedlewo (Poland), July
Recent Developments in Random Walks - Durham (Great Britain), July
Analysis on graphs and fractals - Cardiff (Great Britain), June
Géométrie non commutative - Fleurance (France), June


SMF-UIM joint meeting - Torino (Italy), July
Non commutative and matrix valued analysis - Paris (France), June
Pro-p Groups - Oberwolfach (Germany), May
British Mathematical Colloquium - Newcastle (Great Britain), April
L2-Spectral Invariants - Oberwolfach (Germany), February


Asymptotic Group Theory - New York (USA), November
Tresse et topologie en basse dimension - Rennes (France), September
Rigidity, Dynamics, and Group Actions - Banff (Canada), July
Geometric and Asymptotic Methods in Group Theory - Banff (Canada), June
Israel Mathematical Union - Jerusalem (Israel), May
Groupes et perspectives - Institut de Mathématiques Jussieu (France), January


Groupes agissant sur les arbres enracinés - Orsay (France), December
Random walks - Lille (France), December
Automata groups - CRM, Barcelona (Spain), July
Groupes quantiques - CIRM Marseille (France), June
L^2-Invariants, Measure Theory and Geometric Group Theory - Munster (Germany), March
Automorphic Forms, Group Theory and Graph Expansion - UCLA (USA), February
Coarse Geometry - Kyoto (Japan), January
Groups, Geometry and Dynamics - Haifa (Israel), January


Robert Brooks memorial conference - December, Technion (Israel)
Algebra conference - August, Lwow (Ukraine)
Groups and Group Rings X - June, Wisla (Poland)
Group Theory - June, Gaeta (Italy)
Profinite Groups and Discrete Subgroups of Lie Groups - May, Oberwolfach (Germany)
K-theory and Analysis - March, Southampton (England)
Surgery, Index Theory, and Geometric Group Theory - March, Chicago (USA)
Low Dimensional Novikov Conjecture - February, Indianapolis (USA)


Discrete Geometric Analysis - December, Sendai (Japan)
Geometric Groups - November, Pensacola (USA)
Fractal Geometry and Applications - August, Nanjing (China)
Fractional quantum Hall effect - August, Adelaide (Australia)
Géométrie et dynamique des groupes - July, Luminy (France)
Symposion of the SFB - July, Munster (Germany)
La propriété tau - June, ENS Lyon (France)
Analysis on graphs and metric spaces - June, IHP, Paris (France)
Conference in Harmonic Analysis - June, Trimiti (Italy)
Groupes d'automates - May, ENS Lyon (France)


K-theory and geometric group theory - November, Vanderbilt (USA)
Albany Group Theory Conference - October, Albany (USA)
Topological Analysis of Manifolds and Submanifolds - August, Tel Aviv (Israel)
First Joint Mathematical International Meeting AMS-SMF - July, Lyon (France)
Geometrization of Kazhdan's Property (T) - July, Oberwolfach (Germany)
Théorie des groupes - July, Luminy Marseille (France)
Random Walks - June, Vienna (Austria)
Topology Meeting - June, Sussex (Great Britain)
Actions sur les frontières et actions moyennables - June, Orléans (France)
Georgia International Topology Conference - May, Athens (USA)
Non-Positive Curvature and Analysis Meeting - March, Penn State (USA)
Topological Methods in the Group Theory - January, Oberwolfach (Germany)