Andrzej Zuk: Talks in seminars

Selected seminar and colloquium talks


Rennes (France), February
Rostock (Germany), September
Warsaw (Poland), November
Technion (Israel), December
Buenos Aires (Argentina), December


New York (USA), December
Durham (Great Britain), December
Oxford (Great Britain), October
Warwick (Great Britain), October
Imperial College (Great Britain), October
Augsburg (Germany), July
Kyoto (Japan), June
Moscow (Russia), May
Chebyshev Lab (Russia), May
Saint Petersburg (Russia), May
Steklov (Russia), May
Paris (France), March
Sao Paolo (Brazil), February
Montevideo (Uruguay), February
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), February
IMPA (Brazil), February


Cambridge (Great Britain), January
Nouméa (Nouvelle Calédonie), March
Milan (Italy), March
Southampton (Great Britain), April
Glasgow (Great Britain), May
Salerno (Italy), May
Louvain (Belgium), October
Jerusalem (Israel), October
Haifa (Israel), October
Paris (France), November
Montpellier (France), November


Rostock (Germany), October
Montpellier (France), October
Madras (India), September
Buenos Aires (Argentina), June
Luxembourg (Luxembourg), May
Cordoba (Argentina), March
Copenhagen (Danemark), February
Lille (France), February


Clermont Ferrand (France), December
Graz (Austria), November
Orsay (France), November
Ecole Polytechnique (France), October
Besançon (France), October
Lima (Peru), August
Warsaw (Poland), March
Rennes (France), March
Strasbourg (France), March
Leipzig (Germany), January


Paris (France), December
Madrid (Spain), December
Graz (Austria), October
Varsovie Académie de Sciences (Poland), October
Madrid (Spain), September
Kyoto (Japan), June
Buenos Aires (Argentina), May
Warsaw (Poland), April
Paris (France), January


Chonquing (China), August
Kyoto (Japan), July
New York (USA), March
Buenos Aires (Argentina), May


Paris (France), December
Sendai (Japan), June
Kyoto (Japan), May
Haifa (Israel), January
Jerusalem (Israel), January


Metz (France), December
Berkeley (USA), August
Berlin (Germany), June
Paris (France), April
Toulouse (France), April
New York (USA), February
Chicago (USA), February
Kyoto (Japan), January


Bar Ilan (Israel), December
Warsaw (Poland), November
Jerusalem (Israel), November
Rome (Italy), November
Kyoto (Japan), August
Hangzhou (China), June
Poznan (Poland), May
Goettingen (Germany), May
Academy of Science (Poland), May
Warsaw (Poland), April
Princeton (USA), April
Oslo (Norway), March
Oxford (Great Britain), March
Warwick (Great Britain), February
Imperial College (Great Britain), February
Oxford (Great Britain), January


Paris (France), December
Milan (Italy), November
Luxembourg (Luxembourg), October
Helsinki (Finland), October
Sendai (Japan), July
Kyoto (Japan), July
Varsovie, Academy of Science (Poland), March, April
Stockholm, KTH (Sweden), February
Odense (Danemark), February
Copenhagen (Danemark), February
Muenster (Germany), January
Chemnitz (Germany), January
Jena (Germany), January


Rutgers (USA), February
Marseille (France), January


Rome (Italy), November
Dijon (France), November
Warwick (UK), November
Lyon (France), October
Toulouse (France), October
Oxford (Great Britain), February
Cambridge (Great Britain), February
Paris 7 (France), January
Isaac Newton Institute (Great Britain), January


Bourbaki, IHP (France), November
Paris 7 (France), November
Goettingen (Germany), July
Rome (Italy), July
Paris 7 (France), June
Southampton (Great Britain), May
Paris 6 (France), March


IAS Princeton (USA), December
Cornell (USA), November
Paris VI et VII (France), September
Jerusalem (Israel), May
Be'er Sheva (Israel), May
Tel-Aviv (Israel), May
Ecole Polytechnique (France), April
Wroclaw (Poland), February
Institut Mathématique Jussieu (France), January
Paris VII (France), January


Paris VI (France), November
Rennes (France), October
Clermont-Ferrand (France), October
Madison (USA), April
Graz (Austria), March


New York (USA), December
Chicago (USA), November
Genève (Switzerland), November
Jerusalem (Israel), July
Technion (Israel), July
ENS Lyon (France), April
Lyon (France), April
Marseille (France), April
Chicago (USA), March
Texas A & M (USA), February
UCLA (USA), January


Tohoku (Japan), December
Maryland (USA), November
Penn State (USA), November
Sydney (Australia), August
Ecole Polytechnique (France), June
La Sapienza, Rome (Italy), May
Dijon (France), May
Paris VI and VII (France), March
Urbana Champaign, (USA), February
Chicago (USA), February
Ohio, Columbus (USA), January
Washington University, St. Louis (USA), January


McGill (Canada), December
Texas A & M (USA), October
University of Chicago (USA), October
UIC (USA), October
La Sapienza, Rome (Italy), September
Hebrew University (Israel), August
Technion, Haifa (Israel), August
Hebrew University (Israel), June
Oxford (England), June
Jussieu, Paris (France), May
ETH Zurich (Switzerland), May
Collège de France, Paris (France), April
Orsay (France), March
Geneva (Switzerland), March
Lyon (France), March
Orléans (France), February
Grenoble (France), February
Cergy (France), February
Munster (Germany), January
Lille (France), January


Penn State (USA), December
Cornell (USA), December
UIC (USA), November
Chicago (USA), November
Lyon (France), October
Jerusalem (Israel), June and July
Technion (Israel), May and June
Orsay (France), May
Vannes (France), February
Caen (France), February
Lausanne (Switzerland), January and February
Metz (France), January


Princeton (USA), November
UIC (USA), November
Chicago (USA), November
Yale (USA), October
Binghamton (USA), October
Cornell (USA), September, October and November
Lyon (France), May


Sydney (Australia), November
Melbourne (Australia), November
Manchester (England), August
Neuchâtel (Switzerland), April and May
Cergy-Pontoise (France), May
Strasbourg (France), March
Toulouse (France), February
Lyon (France), February and April


Jerusalem (Israel), December
ENS Lyon (France), November
Genève (Switzerland), May
Neuchâtel (Switzerland), April
Cergy-Pontoise (France), April
Wroclaw (Poland), March
Lille (France), January


Orsay (France), December
Ecole Polytechnique (France), December
Grenoble (France), October
Wroclaw (Poland), May
ENS Lyon (France), April
Genève (Switzerland), March
Lausanne (Switzerland), March
Neuchâtel (Switzerland), March
Toulouse (France), February and November
Rennes (France), January