Combinatoire et Optimisation

International Workshop

Viability Boundaries


About the Workshop

This three days international and interdisciplinary workshop is devoted to an examination of problems "around viability theory" to motivate further research in this domain, to forge new mathematical tools and to revisit new motivations from other disciplines (regulation of evolutionary systems under uncertainty, arising in automatics, biology, economics, epistemology, etc.)

The first day, December 12, deals with mathematical issues and techniques close to what lies under the umbrella of viability theory. The second day, December 13, gathers scientists from genetics, neurosciences, morphogenesis, biodiversity, economics, insurance, finance, epistemology and cognitive psychology. During the last day, some former PhD students of the CEREMADE and the Viabilité, Jeux, Contrôle centers from Université Paris-Dauphine will present their current research interests.

Scientific Committee

  • Jean-Pierre Aubin (CREA, Ecole Polytechnique)
  • Hélène Frankowska (UPMC)
  • George Haddad (UNESCO)
  • Patrick Saint-Pierre (VIMADES)

Local Organizing Committee

H. Frankowska, D. Hoehener, P. Maldonado Lopez, H. Sedrakyan and D. Tonon


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