Titles and Presentations of the talks


Itai BEN YAACOV Model theory and Roelcke pre-compact groups
John CLEMENS Relative primeness of equivalence relations
Sy FRIEDMAN The Silver Dichotomy in Generalised Baire Space
Vassilis GREGORIADES A recursive theoretic view to the decomposability conjecture
Adriane KAÏCHOUH Amenability and Ramsey theory in the metric setting
David KERR Borel complexity and automorphisms of operator algebras
Aleksandra KWIATKOWSKA Lelek fan from a projective Fraisse limit
François LE MAITRE Topological rank for full groups
Luca MOTTO ROS Lipschitz and uniformly continuous reducibilities
Lionel NGUYEN VAN THE Universal minimal proximal flows of non-Archimedean Polish groups
Marcin SABOK Completeness of the isomorphism problem for separable $C^*$-algebras
Omar SELIM An alternative proof of Choquet's theorem
Konstantin SLUTSKY Regular cross-sections of Borel flows.
Slawomir SOLECKI Dual Ramsey theorem for trees and its context
Asger TORNQUIST Mad families and the Solovay model.
Anatoly VERSHIK Infinite tower of the measures and its applications