Titles and Presentations of the talks


Itai BEN YAACOV Recent results on metrisable universal minimal flows.
Riccardo CAMERLO Lebesgue density and exceptional points
Noé DE RANCOURT Ramsey determinacy of adversarial Gowers games
Pandelis DODOS $L_p$ regular sparse hypergraphs
Michal DOUCHA On universal Polish metric groups
Sy-David FRIEDMAN Descriptive Set Theory and Absoluteness
Gilles GODEFROY Convex hulls of measurable functions and the axioms.
Vassilis GREGORIADES Characterizations of the Baire space up to HYP-isomorphism
Takayuki KIHARA Some more results around decomposability of Borel functions.
Aleksandra KWIATKOWSKA The Ramsey degree of the pre-pseudoarc
François LE MAITRE More Polish full groups
Maciej MALICKI Automorphism groups of homogeneous metric structures and consequences of the existence of ample generics
Benjamin MILLER The open graph dichotomy
Luca MOTTO ROS On isometry and isometric embeddability between (ultra)metric Polish spaces
Christian ROSENDAL Geometries of groups
Asger TORNQUIST Definable maximal discrete sets in forcing extensions
Zoltan VIDNYANSZKY The size of conjugacy classes of automorphism groups