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Grothendieck's ecological activities


Militant Writings -- These are texts that Grothendieck wrote and also delivered as lectures.

La Vie Mathématique en République Démocratique du Vietnam -- text written by Grothendieck on his return to the IHES from a one-month visit to Vietnam in November 1967.

Responsabilité du savant dans le monde d'aujourd'hui -- text from June 1970 written after a lecture given by Grothendieck at the University of Orsay, south of Paris.
The responsibility of the scientist today -- English version of the above lecture, delivered at Queen's University, Ontario in 1971 (courtesy of Clint Capehart)

Comment je suis devenu militant? -- text from January 1971 that appeared in in Survivre et Vivre.

Allons-nous continuer la Recherche Scientifique? -- text from January 1972 written after a lecture given by Grothendieck at CERN, Geneva.



A recording of Grothendieck lecturing at CERN on the future of scientific research on January 27, 1972. Fascinating if you have never heard his voice.


Survivre et Vivre -- This bulletin of the ecological association of the same name, edited by C. Chevalley, A. Grothendieck and P. Samuel,
appeared at regular intervals from 1970 to 1973 (?) Many of the articles were written and signed by Grothendieck.


Bulletins de Liaison de Survivre et Vivre -- These are supplements to the issues of Survivre et Vivre above.

Bulletin de Liaison Nos. 1-5 preceded by a discussion of the nature of bulletins de liaisons
Bulletin de Liaison Nos. 7-10
Bulletin de Liaison Nos. 11-12
Bulletin de Liaison Nos. 13-14

Articles/Obituaries from the ecology milieu

Reporterre - An interview of Grothendieck's friend Christian Escriva
L'introducteur de l'écologie en France - An article by Grothendieck's friend and collaborator at Survivre Thierry Sallantin

Studies of Survivre
The master's thesis by Céline Pessis retracing the history of the movement Survivre et Vivre.
See also this link to her book on the subject.