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The Grothendieck Circle mourns the passing away of Alexandre Grothendieck on November 13, 2014.

With the agreement of Grothendieck's family, the work of the Circle to bring Grothendieck's unique story and writings to the public has resumed.

New additions to the site

Some upcoming projects:

      An "anecdote page" to put the many stories that people send me about their encounters with Grothendieck.

      Four videos of lectures about Grothendieck by Michel Demazure, Luc Illusie, Christian Houzel and Max Karoubi.

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The long-term goal of the Grothendieck Circle is to make publicly available, and in some cases translate, published and unpublished material written by and about Alexandre Grothendieck, as well as original biographical material and documents. We hope this site will continue expanding over time.