Slides of large Audience talks and videos

Matematica en la residencia

Talks on "sensitive experience with abstract spaces".
Slides in Spanish of the talk at "Matematica en la residencia", Madrid December 1, 2017.
Slides in English of the talk at CUNY's Coloquimum, New York November 02, 2017.

Video documentary on the exhibit Esthétopies, "Noces des mathématiques et des arts" by Pierre de Parscau, Journal du CNRS, July (2017).

Video documentary on "Esthétopies" by Jean-Baptiste Fave, production by IHP, July (2017).

Tribute to J.C. Yoccoz by P. Berger and J. Rivera-Letlier, introduced by S. Crovisier. Collège de France June 2017 Slides of my talk.

Mathematical animated videos here

Mathematical Texts here

Slides of research talks and videos

Emergence and Para-Dynamics, conference in memory to Anosov, December 16, Steklov Mathematical Institute. Slides.

Minicourse on Parablender, Conference Dynamics beyond uniform hyperbolicity, Provo, Utha, USA, July 2017, Slides of Episode 2 , Slides of Episode 3

Videos on Blender and Parablender here.

Habilitation a diriger des recherches (Paris 13, June 2017) Slides

Herman's Conjecture of positive entropy (Paris 6, april 2017) Slides

Presentation of HPS: persistence of laminations (made for EDAI, Rio de Janeiro 2011) Slides

Presentation of structural stability of Endomorphism (minicours at Montevideo 2009) Slides

Presentation of Zoology Rio de Janeiro, Palis' Balzan Conference, Rio de Janeiro 2012. Slides of the presentation at New York, 11/2017

Presentation of the persistence of stratification of lamination (made for Ictp, Trieste 2008) Slides