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A website devoted to the life and works of Alexandre Grothendieck

March 28, 1928-November 13, 2014

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Complements to Récoltes et Semailles

The following additions and footnotes were added by Grothendieck in 1987 to the final part of the manuscript of Récoltes et Semailles (L'Enterrement III ou les Quatre Opérations) as a consequence of an extensive correspondence with Pierre Schapira and Christian Houzel. They were not included in the recent publication of the memoirs by Gallimard, but will be included in the forthcoming new edition.   Corrections to Récoltes et Semailles.

We solicit contributions for this section from any or all those who were able to visit Grothendieck during his secret years in Lasserre.

Stolpersteine in honor of Grothendieck's family, by artist Gunter Demnig

These were placed on March 22, 2017 in front of the home in Berlin where Alexandre Grothendieck resided with his parents and sister from 1928 to 1933 at the address 165 Brunnenstraße, Berlin.

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The long-term goal of the Grothendieck Circle is to make publicly available, and in some cases translate, published and unpublished material written by and about Alexandre Grothendieck, as well as original biographical material and documents. We welcome all spontaneous contributions (of which there have already been many), and hope this site will continue expanding over time.