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Unpublished Mathematical Texts

Eighteen thousand pages of Grothendieck's personal mathematical writings, left behind when he abandoned Les Aumettes for Lasserre in 1991, were scanned by the University of Montpellier and are available online.

Esquisse Thématique - an overview that Grothendieck wrote of his own work, with an English version (courtesy of G. Aiello).

En Guise de Programme, Page 1 and Page 2 - a text written by Grothendieck as a course description while teaching in Montpellier.

  • Les Dérivateurs- Grothendieck's 1991 manuscript `Les dérivateurs'.
  • Scans of Grothendieck's prenotes for EGA 5 (171 pages)- The prenotes were given to Piotr Blass by Grothendieck in 1987. The pages are somewhat mixed up so start by consulting the Table of Contents.  See also the 1987 letter from Grothendieck to P. Blass in the list of letters below. Links to the version of this part of EGA typed, revised and published by P. Blass and S. Klasa can be found on the published mathematical texts page.