Michel Waldschmidt

Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS), Lahore (Pakistan)

A Course on Finite Fields.

From October 3 to 26, 2011

Abstract: The theory of finite fields is a beautiful and rich theory of mathematics, which does not require too much knowledge to start with, but which is deep and has a lot of applications, in particular to data transmission, cryptography and error correcting codes.

  Cyclotomic Polynomials
       Cyclotomic Polynomials over the ring of integers
       Cyclotomic Polynomials over any ring
       Cyclotomic Polynomials over a finite field
       Proof of the irreducibility of the cyclotomic polynomials over the integers
  Error correcting codes
       Cyclic codes
       Hamming codes
       Generator matrix and check matrix

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Notes of the course:     Finite Fields (pdf: 53 pages, updated 03/10/2011).