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This page, inactive for a long time, is now (somewhat) reactivated.

Relatively recent :
Fifty years ago, a theorem by Xavier Fernique on stationary Gaussian random processes (1974) has been quite important even ouside the field of Probability. I recall here  a proof  of it, together with the necessary background (24 pages, PDF, June 15th, 2024).

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary in 2018 of the birth of Joseph Fourier, I wrote a paper (in French) for the Gazette des Mathématiciens. This article, entitled « Fourier, un homme, plusieurs vies » appeared in the volume 158 in october 2018. It was translated to English (not by me) and is accessible freely in the EMS Newsletter, september 2019 issue ; this English version also appeared in the IAMP News Bulletin, April 2020.

I have been invited to write a text (in French) on the works of Jean-Pierre Kahane after his death in 2017. The article appeared in the Proceedings of the 2018 Meeting of the French Mathematical Society (SMF) in Lille, volume 33 of the SMF journal Séminaires & Congrès. I present here a modified version of the text (still in French), after a few corrections in 2020, and this same 2020 version with hypertext links.

Research, not recent :
Some (rather old) articles, including a 93 pages set of Notes on HI spaces and Banach spaces with small spaces of operators, entitled Operator theory and exotic Banach spaces.

Teaching pages in French :
Préparation à l'agrégation (Analyse, 2000–2011)
Intégration et Probabilités (L3, 2009–2011)
Analyse hilbertienne et de Fourier (cours en L3, 2008–2009)
Cours de théorie spectrale au   magistère Cachan, septembre 2004 et les   notes de cours de théorie spectrale   qui correspondent
Premier cycle MIAS deuxième année en 2002-2003 (MT241)
Cours de maîtrise d'Analyse Fonctionnelle en 2001-2002 (MT404) et   le poly d'Analyse Fonctionnelle   qui correspond à ce cours
Premier cycle MIAS deuxième année en 1999-2000 (MT242) et le   poly de DEUG 2ème année, 2ème semestre   qui correspond
Polycopiés pour L2

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