Michel Waldschmidt

Ho Chi Minh University of Science HCMUS

From April 7 to 17, 2009, Ho Chi Minh University of Science HCMUS

Finite fields: some applications

    Cyclotomic Polynomials
       Cyclotomic Polynomials over the ring of integers
       Cyclotomic Polynomials over any ring
       Cyclotomic Polynomials over a finite field
       Proof of the irreducibility of the cyclotomic polynomials over the integers
    Error correcting codes
       Cyclic codes
       Hamming codes
       Generator matrix and check matrix
    How to use finite fields for problems concerning infinite fields, following Jean-Pierre Serre.
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On the internet:
    William Chen- Discrete Mathematics, 201 pp. (web edition, 2008).
    Shoup, V. - A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra, Cambridge 2005. Second print editon, Fall 2008 (pdf file 3,5 Mo).

Notes of the course

    First course, April 8, 2009, pages 1-12 (updated April 16, 2009)
    Second course, April 10, 2009, pages 13-18 (updated April 16, 2009)
    Third course, April 13, 2009, pages 19-26 (updated April 18, 2009)
    Fourth course, April 15, 2009, pages 27-40 (updated April 18, 2009)
    Fifth course, April 18, 2009, pages 41-45 (updated April 18, 2009)
        Playing with cards and hats - an introduction to error correcting codes. Powerpoint presentation on April 18, 2009 (updated April 18, 2009)
    Exercises with corrections (updated April 26, 2009)